Welcome to Joe and Ela's Taiji Site

Our focus is on helping to create a solid yet soft body structure

Developing dual opposing forces within the body is crucial for any Internal Martial Art.
We're not masters, our bodies are developing, our understanding growing, our intent forming.
The learning process never stops for any of us.
If you've had a problem with body structure as I have, the nagging doubt of conscience during techniques or form because you know something is not working as it should, then maybe its time to train with like minded people?

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Learning taiji is to be on a journey that has no end. The further one walks along the path the more mysterious and more profound the experience. Taiji chaun is a martial art but our sessions do not focus on this aspect, we choose to focus on doing solo and partner work to test and develop the guiding taiji principles within ourselves.
We try to aim for quality over quantity, progress in any art comes with training the basics. We believe that learning form after form does not by itself guarantee progress, the mind is easily fooled by the ego. By doing less form but more partner work we aim to improve the progress rate, even light resistance can reveal if we are moving in an ineffective manner or not.

What we offer in a typical class.

Yi JIn Jing and other exercises for developing the fascial meridians.
Heaven Earth Man
Pushing Hands/ partner work.
Classical Yang Style 108 form, emphasis on first part. How accurate are the moves, can they be done under light restistence?

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About Us

Joe and Ela have been studying taiji for over ten years and have travelled to learn from numerous teachers. They are active members of the YMAA founded by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming, which specialises in White Crane and Yang style taiji chuan. The local YMAA site can be found at www.ymaanorthuk.com  
(If you are interested in learning the martial side of the art going to Martin's classes in Chester or North Wales could be for you.)

Both have done Chen style Taiji Chuan, Ela studied with Shi Heng Xuan  and Joe attended classes at Kam Lau's school and seminars with Chen Xiao Wang.

They go to workshops with Dan Harden two or three times a year, the focus of which is developing a dynamic structure that expresses yin and yang in every movement. Dan's teachings apply to any internal martial artist no matter the style.

Going to London for pushing hands in Regent's Park with Lindon Rankin is an important part of their training. (There are two free pushing hands groups in London, nothing like that exists in our area as yet, would be nice to get a group going. Where people from different schools and styles can come together and play.)

Services status

We are currently not offering any classes due to the ongoing Covid situation.

First class is free

If you want to go beyond waving your hands in the air then we may be the answer.

We've had a lot of fun on our journey thus far and intend to have a lot more along the way. Hopefully you'll come along and have some fun whilst using your mind and body with improved efficiency and effectiveness. This is not an easy road, there are no quick fixes, much time and patience are needed, to win the next step forward. The fruits though are rich and sweet.